Terms and Conditions

 We want you to be happy with the items that you purchase.  If a problem arises, let us know immediately and we will work together to solve it.  The best way to solve problems is to (hopefully) avoid them in the first place.  Sometimes bad things happen.  If someone at UPS decides to use your package as a runway chock for a 737.. well, nobody could have predicted that and we will be more than happy to get that sorted out for you.  However, there are issues that can be anticipated.  Addressing them here might help to avoid misunderstandings later: 

Warranties, Expectations, & Common Sense

 1) 'Package Rash'  Though 21st Century Toys went out of business several years ago since that time these toys have been far from idle.  They were moved around in several warehouses in Arizona, then rode in semi trailers to Missouri, where they have been (carefully) stored at our place.  As the packages rub together, though, they can loose some of their 'brand new' luster; especially items that were not originally packed with tissue separating the different toys in the same box.  Some of the clear plastic packaging around action figures clearly shows where it was rubbing up against the next package in the case.  Packaging can also get scratched, dinged, dented, etc. during shipping from us to you.  After all, that is the pupose of packaging - to protect the item within.  We will do everything that we can to ensure that your item is well-protected during shipment.  Some things are beyond our control, however, so in no case do we guarantee the safety or condition of the item's packaging - only the item itself.  If you are primarily interested in the condition of the packaging rather than the actual item, let me suggest that you will be happier making your purchase in person at toy and hobby shows where you can personally inspect each item as you buy it, rather than from us (or any other) mail-order seller. 


2) Variation  Though 21st Century did a remarkable job with professional application of historically accurate finishes and details for their products, it is only reasonable to expect some minor variations in the paint, decals, etc.  This is as common in mass-produced scale models as it is in the original military vehicles themselves.  A slight variation or drop of paint out of place on an item does not constitute a defective item.  As another seller says "virtually all models will have deviations if one looks hard enough."  

3) Unsecured Bits & Pieces  Most of the items that we sell are largely pre-assembled and already finished.  They may be broken down into their major components for logical packaging, leaving just a bit of final assembly for the customer.  Though they tend to be well-secured within the packaging, occasionally a part will eacape from it's bindings to rattle about in the package.  This seldom leads to any actual damage - it may add an extra second or two during final assembly, but this does not constitute a damaged or defective item.  To clarify: if you order a P-51 mustang and it arrives with the drop tank loose in the package and you must snap it back into place - not defective.  If it arrives and the canopy is shattered, prop blades bent backward, and the little pilot figure dude is asleep in the cockpit amid a sea of vomit and empty whiskey bottles.. yes, that's a defective piece.  Send it back and we will cheerfully replace it for you.

4) Accidents During Customer Assembly  We've all been there - trying to seat that aircraft landing gear strut with just the right amount of pressure, but not too much... until - snap!  That's when a responsible buyer simply says "Aw crap!", then remembers that the plane might look just as good with the 'retracted' landing gear instead of 'deployed', or he starts looking for the super glue.  Doesn't happen often, because these really are great toys and models, but we have had to occasionally point out that an item that the customer himself breaks during assembly is not defective and should not be returned.  Can a less-than-honest person call and lie to obtain a return authorization number, or simply start a credit card or paypal chargeback action?  Sure.  Chances are that they will get away with it, too.  We can't prevent bad guys from doing bad things.. but we can certainly make sure that we do no further transactions with such people.  It's a model, and they're quite inexpensive.  If you know you are clumsy, you might consider buying two just in case.  That's what I did when I finally found a 1:48 scale Zero to display with (my) hellcat - I knew that the supply was limited, and I know that I am terrible at reading and following directions, easily distracted, and sometimes a bit clumsy, so I bought two of them just in case I screwed it up.  Turns out assembly is so easy even I can do it, so now I have two Zeros, but there's nothing bad about that.



Defective item:


We have already sorted through these items (yes, all 30,000+ of them) looking for defects and other things that might cause disappointment.  Those few items found to be lacking were set aside and will be sold at a discount at hobby and gun shows, where the customer can clearly see what he is getting before he buys it, and all flaws are pointed out before the transaction is concluded.  However, if we have missed something and the item you receive truly is defective (it doesn't just have 'package rash', a loose undamaged piece in the box, a slight paint variation, and you didn't break it yourself) - call us.  We want you to be happy, and we will be glad to help solve any real problems that arise.   

If the item is defective, You will receive a full refund of the purchase price.  You need a return authorization number.  Call us, (1.573.243.1833)  tell us what's wrong, and we will provide one.  Write this number on the outside of your package to ensure that your return is properly processed.  Refunds are  not made until the return merchandise is received.

Non-defective items: OK - for some non-defect related reason, you have changed your mind.  Perhaps the VF-27 Hellcat's eyes seem to be following you around the room and "just creep you out", or you discover to your shock that D-Day Tank Commander Jesse 'Wildman' James has dumped Princess Leia and ran off with that blue Twi'lek action figure..(what the hell was he thinking?!?) Whatever the reason, you can still return a non-defective item.  
> The item remains unopened in the original packaging = 15% restock fee
> The item is undamaged and complete, but opened = 30% restock fee

Items that were have been opened and then damaged by the customer, the customer's child, the customer's child's friend who is a bad influence, the customer's canine (yes, even if it was thoroughly cleaned after traveling through the canine's digestive tract), the customer's resident poltergeist, etc. are as you might expect - not eligible for return.

Postage on returns (defective and non-defective) is not refunded.  Postage is not part of the cost of the item - it is a delivery service that the customer pays for, rather than driving to Missouri  to pick it up themselves (not an option, by the way - in case you are wondering.)  I once heard this explained quite well: "If I pick up a take-out meal, then get home and realize that the order is not correct - the restaurant will cheerfully replace the order or give me my money back, but they will not reimburse me for the gas I used driving back and forth."



We ship via the US Postal Service for small things, and by UPS for larger packages. Shipping is free in the United States. If you are living outside the US, please contact us with a list of the items you are interested in. We will weigh them up and get back to you with a shipping quote.


Most of the time we are able to get orders out the door within 1-2 business days.  There are occasions, however, when our gang is deployed elsewhere (trade show, buying trip, etc.)  This can lead to a small delay, but this is not often.  All we ask is that you remember that you are dealing with a small business run by just a few people - not a massive warehouse operation with automated systems, forklifts, and hundreds of employees who are just waiting for orders to come in.  As your happiness is extremely important to us, we will ship your order promptly.. but if we happen to be away, it may be a day or two before we can get it boxed up and out the door.

We will be glad to be available to answer questions and help out before, during, and after your purchase.  Just click the "Contact Us" button, and let us know how we can help.

Privacy Policy

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