image7 came about purely by happy accident.  Our regular business is militaria - hats, helmets, uniforms, swords, insignias, etc. from WWI and WWII.  You can see our militaria at  When 21st Century Soldier Toys went out of business, they sold their remaining stocks of material in the US.  The items were in two warehouses; one in California, and one in Arizona.  (I have no idea what happened to the items in California.)  Fortunately for us, we have friends in Arizona who were in close proximity to the primary 21st Century warehouse.  They purchased the merchandise in it's entirety, and then sold it to us.  I never would have thought to become a seller of military toys & models.. but come on - three semi truck loads of toys?  How could we refuse?

 Actually we were aware of 21st Century, because it created something of a stir in the collecting community (our normal crowd) when they were selling these items through Wal-Mart.  The level of detail is quite impressive.  Collectors first started buying a few pieces as accent items to display with their regular collections of original militaria, and before too long many of them became collectors of 21st Century models in addition to militaria.  When we found the opportunity to purchase the remaining stock of 21st Century toys, we were very happy to do so. 

The supply of this material is limited.  The company went out of business in 2009.  I have heard rumors that another firm has picked up the pieces and will be releasing some 1:32 scale aircraft this summer (2011).  If we find the same warm welcome here on the net that we have selling this material at collector and gun shows, and 21st Century is somehow resurrected, we may just start ordering new material and continue this venture.  Either way, as the supply of the classic 21st Century vehicles and figures diminishes, we will have some decisions to make.  I am already seeing a number of these pieces selling on eBay, Amazon, and elsewhere for 2x and 3x our prices.. so if you like what you see - best to build your collection here and now before this cache is gone!

 Our mission at will be the same as it is at, or any other venture that we are involved in: provide a quality product, run an efficient operation, and treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.  We learned long ago that the relationships forged with customers is the key to success.  We don't just want to sell you one of these 21st Century toys; we want you to be enthusiastically happy with the transaction, to tell your friends that they should also purchase here, and perhaps to become a customer at our regular collectable militaria business as well.