WWII Japanese NLF Marines 'Random Reinforcements' 2pk.

WWII Japanese NLF Marines 'Random Reinforcements': Two 1/18 Scale Figures
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  • Item #: V54633
  • Manufacturer: 21st Century Toys
  • Condition: New

Two new in the package 1:18 scale plastic, poseable WWII Japanese Naval Landing Force Marine figures to add to your display.. which two guys will be joining your squad? You won't know until they get there. When sorting our small Japanese garrison, we found that the manufacturer at some point just started teaming up any two of the different figures and packaging them as double-packs. We have big stacks of some of the variations, which we are selling as double-packs. We also have quite a few where there are 6 of one duo, 11 of another, 5 of another pair, etc. Nothing wrong with them at all; they are the same brand new in the packaging figures that we are selling elsewhere, but the variations are in such small numbers that it would not be economical to individually photograph, describe, and market each of these random combinations. Instead, we are selling them as 'random reinforcements' at a nice discount. Each of the soldiers includes headgear, weapons, accoutrements, etc. The bits and pieces for these are largely interchangable, so a few bargain-priced extras would be a great way to mix it up and add to the depth of your diorama or display. The double-packs typically only include one display stand, and that is true for these as well. Minor glueless assembly required. There are lots of small parts. Recommended for ages 5+.

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