Spitfire MK VIII/IX & SBD Dauntless 1:144 scale 2pk.

Spitfire MK VIII/IX & SBD Dauntless 1:144 scale 2pk.
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  • Item #: V54689
  • Manufacturer: 21st Century Toys
  • Condition: New

21st Century Toys - Ultimate Soldier 144X World War II-Era aircraft two-pack includes two warbirds on display stands. They fit on a threaded post on the stand, so if you wish to display them without the stand, remember to loosen the screw from below turn them rather than just pulling to remove them. This set features:Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX Paint and markings represent the Spitfire "the African Circus" flown by RAF Ace Major Stanislaw Salski from Polish Flight 'C', 145 Squadron, serving in North Africa and Southern Italy in 1943-44. Navy / USMC Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber Atlantic theater paint and markings represent the aircraft flown by Major Christian Lee of VMS-3. Known as the "Devilbirds" the squadron was located in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where their task was to deploy on anti-submarine patrols over the Atlantic during 1943-44.

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